Fall to the Rust

by U.S. Light Brigade

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all lyrics by Andrew DiMaggio & U.S. Light Brigade
with respect to:
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Charge of the Light Brigade)
Heinrich Heine (Sonnet 1: To Augustus William von Schlegel)
John Irving (The Cider House Rules)
Montague Dawson (Cracking On!)
Marvel Comics (X-Men)
The Smashing Pumpkins (Today)
Oasis (Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova)
The Beatles (Good Day Sunshine)
Gunsmoke (The Fall of Icarus)
James Horner (An American Tail)
Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic)
Caravaggio (Judith Beheading Holofernes)
Winston Churchill’s BLACK DOG


released January 26, 2016


Vocals: Andrew DiMaggio

Bass: Donald Scully

Drums: Michael Ambrose

Guitar: Scott Akers

Guitar: Brian Burton

Guitar: Kevin Ambrose

All Music Performed by U.S. Light Brigade Andrew DiMaggio, Donald Scully, Michael Ambrose, Scott Akers, and Brian Burton.

Additional Guitar performed by Brad Wiseman on Here with the Animals and Travels in Space and Time

Sample of Vincent DiMaggio on Goodnight you Princes of Maine, Kings of New England

Produced by Donald Scully, Andrew DiMaggio, and U.S. Light Brigade

Recorded and Mixed by Donald Scully at The Voice Box Recordings, Concord, CA

Mastered by Paul Miner at Buzz Bomb Studios



all rights reserved


U.S. Light Brigade Oakland, California

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Track Name: A Place on Earth
Tall-tales / In youth we’re told / Of triumph and glory / Prove false when we’re grown /
Inside of me: warring divinity / Slain soul: once gold / Now: rotting and cold / In
shattered dimensions: Hope’s resurrection / Reality splinters: two permanent winters /
Fate falls in flakes ‘fore my eyes / I can hear the Furies cry: / “Do you believe what your
eyes see? / Hell is a place on Earth” / I do believe / My eyes have seen / Hell is
surrounding me / “Do you concede / If you were to bleed / They’d drain your veins / Your
sunlight and bring rain?” / Fairweather. Friends? Never. Heart suppressor / Pierce the
ether’s membrane / Innocence leaks like the pouring rain / Acidic and caustic / In pain /
Exhausted / Misplaced lust. Turn to dust. Friends fall to the rust / 5 months in / Falling
far from grace / Heavenly tears hail from space / Hell-fire reigns from an ancient age /
First song last. 4 months passed. My requiem mass / Loveless acres / Blood boils /
Under a black sun I toil / To iron oxide: the redox begins / I am / Chasing the wind
Track Name: Cracking On!
Long gone are the days / When jealousy prevailed / Ripping suicide-sized holes / In the
fabric of this sail: my soul / The open wounds, blinding pain / A decade-long hurricane /
For today it waned, I learned its name / Truth be told, I’ll never be the same / Behold:
the birth of a man of might / Tempered steel, wings in flight / Descend and bend space
and time / I am who am and this life is mine / My heart beats free and out of time / I am
who am and this world is mine / In times of growth, prosperity / The rise before the fall:
decline / The trade-winds flow / Breathe and blow / to and fro / Westward on I sail / The
one-way, whistling wind won’t fail / Destroy the man with coward’s doubt / With lifted leg:
curb-stomp him out / Bloody sidewalk / Teeth cracked: gone / The tides have turned,
friend / I’m cracking on! / I’m gone / I’m cracking on! / Already gone / Thus begins your
slow decay / Drowning just below the waves / Sinking to your resting place / Ocean floor
/ Cold, black Bay
Track Name: The Yearlong Day
Bent like strings / Stitched to my heart’s new sewn seam / Strong as Adamantium / High
above me / Starlight beams / The pavement gleams / And all I want to do is sleep /
Remembering, curbside: the night that my hope-bound heart died / Bright, pink ribbon
skies / I’ll never forget / In dreams I have tried / Slaughtering that sunset / Fifth of May /
Thus began the yearlong day / In the death of Spring, 2008 / Ease the pain / I made my
world a nightmare’s dream / Flying on wings of amphetamine / 2015: wings spread
again / Full-flight / Took an axe to them / Forced to face the day / Blue skies or gray / Let
the chips fall as they may / Tradewinds catching my clipper ship’s sail / Westward on to
the next heart / I am impaled / Time and again / Burning down at both ends / I lost my
dorm key / I can’t get in / To make amends / I’ve been a wrecking ball / I want to fix it all,
but / To the rust we fall
Track Name: The Boy who Broke the Blue Sky
I am heartbreak / Causing headaches, heartaches / Wax poetic / Whistling “Wonderwall"
into the Western wind / This is “Champagne Supernova” / Black rain / I’m your
earthquake / Meet my Black Dog: he can sit, sleep, slit, and shake / Blacking-out our
bleached-white clouds / Sonic distortion, fuzz-faced shroud / 8 weeks down / Falling
farther and farther behind / Blacking-out our bleached-white clouds / Sonic distortion,
fuzz-faced shroud / I am falling down / Blood-soaked skies / Tears in my eyes / Boys of
Light / Watch me rise / As I climb / Take the time / To apologize for / Tearing holes in
bright blue skies / Redemption? No, just severed ties / Glass and needles, rubber tide /
The Man-of-Wars bled out and died / Climbing a ladder to the atmosphere / Patchwork
dam to halt the tears / I’ll rain down hate on faux-Brigadiers / Caustic / Venom / Blue
skies die / I’ll scrap / Smash / Scratch / Attack / Claw / Give this my all
Track Name: End of Days After-Party
Track Name: Food for Worms
Here is the man / Struck thrice, not twice / By electric blue bolts of shattering light / He is
the one / The Son of Man / Tossed away in God’s garbage can / Moving on / Attention
please / The specimen in Example B / He is the man / With sparkling teeth / The man
that Lady Luck came to see / Time and again / Let me be blunt / Statistics have shown:
She’s a fickle cunt / Because fortunes fall / As hard as Job’s / For the once-favored / On
this blue, round globe / We love, we lose / We fail, we learn / But one thing’s for sure /
We’re all food for worms / Dagger thoughts of doubt / Soil and worms / Cracked teeth in
my mouth / Clawing out the dirt / I’m going home / There: where the animals roam…
Track Name: Here, With the Animals
Creation / The pinnacle of humanity / Brush strokes / Invoke a memory / Curiosity / The
tool of philosophy / But it’s we / That created / This beat / This two-part harmony / This
sound: bleeding the ear drum / Each string strummed is a mere hum / Compared to…
(crescendo) / Make that a three-part harmony / Violent,thrashing cacophony / And we’ll
waltz together / Through ecstasy / Alone in agony / And it’s here: I dream / Hearts swell /
Within each measure: I dwell / Destroyers: think us hedonistic, cannibals / Vibrations:
truly intangible / A place they deem inhabitable / Here, with the animals / Hymns and
rhymes arise in my mind / Rhythms and melodies bloom and unwind / Then I and the 5:
six strings harmonize / Light from the thing gold blinding our eyes / Hymns and rhymes
arise in my mind / Rhythms and melodies bloom and unwind / The 5 (minus I): no
strings harmonize / Light from the thing gold blinding my eyes / This is but a preamble /
A buzz, a hum, a fuzz-loaded gun / Sounds: sonic, to the world unknown / In these
songs, I’ve found a home: remote / Here
Track Name: Panic Attack in the Halls of the Vatican
It was a cloudy day / After a Roman night of rain / First waves began to buzz / In my
bones below / At the speed of salt / Racing thoughts followed me at a trot / Passing
through the gated walls / Wondering why they were built so tall / To smithereens: a
gentle heart / Butterfly wings: plucked apart / Stitched and sewn: return to start / Sorrow
to speed: decaying Descartes / Regulation: down / Dopamine receptors: drowned / I
was found by the Vatican City Police / Kneeling ‘fore a masterpiece / Divinity seething
just beneath / Shadows crawling out the walls / Following me down the hall /
Reverberations / Man-made God / Battering my cones and rods / In the halls / Paired
skin shines like an apple / Barely breathing in the Sistine Chapel
Track Name: Fallow Acres
I’ve crossed rivers / I’ve climbed mountains / I’ve written songs / And stories about ‘em /
And at the end / Of every line / The sunlight fades / And the hero dies
Track Name: Travels in Space and Time
The twisted, mangled valves / My heartbeat's slowing down / The Fifth of May / I'd have
to say / Began the yearlong day in the saddest way / I loathe each passing day on this
hope-abandonded rock / As it spins / And it's true: no one won and it was never fun / I
built a rocketship for one / And set my course to the dying Sun / Tearing through the
Autumn sky / Just to watch you die on high / "Born: big, blue, hot / In this void where I
will rot / Fit to burst / I'll do my worst / A supernova is stardust cursed" / And the skies fall
/ Stars cease to shine / I am winter / The rising of the Rhine / Sink with me / Let it be /
Decade three / Still drowning / Sing with me / O'er land and sea / A full-step down to
Track Name: Bad Day Moonshine
Every night the skies pour rain / On bended knee / I hope and pray / I plead: Please
ease me of the pain / I suffer all throughout the day / I wish I wasn’t born this way / I
wish I wasn’t born to be... / But time / DNA, hope asunder, torn a-fray / A boy /
Benevolent, a bit bent, brain-bashed, malevolent / A man: meant to let his body lie o’er
the River Rhine / Time wore / A warm heart cold, hard as stone, all alone / These days /
I fall asleep unbearably in misery / From dreams (waking) of all I can’t have / Never will
be / “I will march, the lion prides / Head held high, with lion’s pride” / I fell myself /
Beneath the pale moonlight / On that plateau / A decade ago or so / If there’s a God /
He wasted 6 long days / Creating tragedy / I’d bleed for love / I long for touch / Face to
face / Warm embrace / To kill the pain...
Track Name: Orphan Eyes
Track Name: Crocodile Tears
The wry smile of the crocodile / Grins treacherous, his teeth beguile / Each canine is
poised to tear / Bicuspids drenched and dripping blood / Arctic heart, a ten-click stare /
Helpless prey in sinking mud / The tears he sheds: blossoming / Consuming hearts of
Valentine red / “For I suffered out my days / To likely die alone / Just as I was born /
Tainted blood, marrow, bone” / “In the early hours of this / This sad man’s final morn'
My teeth will splay his lonely heart / Dismantle hope apart” / “I’ll be smiling down / On
every sunny, warm western town / Below, lovers’ hands are clasped / My faggot flag inflight
at half-mast / My happiness did slowly choke / Deprived of air, in this fog: his cloak
The slow drag of my virgin heart / To the river bed, where my breath departs” / “These 5
men aren't your friends / You’re sinking like stone” / I’m still breathing / Salty eyes drip
on spinning wax / So kill the lights, disconnect the phone / Heart’s still beating
Buzzer rings on mute, knocks on deaf ears fall / Shallow breathing / My spirit's shine is
dulled / My warm heart's wish fell null” / Foaming and seething / Though tear drops I
hold back / Now I'm snarling and showing teeth / Wounds are weeping / A waltz along
the path to Hell / Wailing expiration bell” / I’ll be laughing all the way to Hell / Blue & gold
/ Callous & cold / And I weep, he smiles / Pitiless crocodile / The story is old, ageless I’m
told / Crocodile
Track Name: Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere
Fix bayonets / Charge into the night / Where the pale of the dead-valley light / Shines on
twisted limbs struck with fireblight / Hell’s hollow furnace and Death to the left and the
right / Canons set the autumn sky alight / And ceaseless thunder stirs the reaper to flight
/ "Someday / Everything you love will turn to dust / Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
/ A new world / Will be born unto the troubled son of man / And all that shines under his
eyes will eventually fall to the rust / Everything turns to black / Somewhere in the middle
of nowhere / Faces and names obscure and pass away / As night cannabilizes the day /
And the last light waxes and wanes / The Black Dog feasts at your sanity's grave / Love
and hope, space and time: disintegrate / As you rot in the black of the sun”
Track Name: Good Night, You Princes of Maine, You Kings of New England